“We were recent transplants to the Greater Seattle Area and soon after moving jumped into the housing market with both feet. Unfortunately being new to the area we didn't have enough information on which neighborhoods would suit our needs the best. Between the various neighborhoods on the east side  we simply didn't know where to begin.

The process of house hunting is very stressful and in such a competitive market even more so. My wife and I took very different approaches to the entire buying process, I'm very much a numbers guy and my wife has to have an emotional bond with her home. This is where Malia's experience and positive attitude shine. She made both of us feel comfortable and gave my wife the feedback, guidance, and perspective to understand why some houses would work, others not so much, and most importantly what some homes can become with a little elbow grease. She's recommended painters, electricians, designers, and engineers to help us turn our house into a place we can call home going far beyond what we would expect from any realtor. After 7 moves in 6 years we purchased a home in Redmond with her guidance and couldn't be happier.

If you're looking to purchase a home in the Greater Seattle Area you can't do better than working with Malia.”


Redmond, WA